How do you make old curtains look modern?

How do you update old curtains?

Here are a few crafty ways to update old curtains and give them a much-needed facelift!

  1. Use the Shibori Technique.
  2. Swap Out Curtain Rods.
  3. Add Trim.
  4. Hang a Mini Garden.
  5. Layer Your Curtains.
  6. Lengthen Your Curtains.
  7. Update Holdbacks or Tiebacks.
  8. Try Macramé

Can you change the color of curtains?

If your curtains are white, off white, or a very light color, you should be able to dye them without any problem. … A dark fabric cannot be dyed a lighter color. You might be able to dye a colored fabric if your dye is a darker hue, but the results will be a blend of the dye and the color already on your curtains.

Can I recycle old curtains?

If you can’t fix, upcycle, sell, share or give away unwanted items, they can still go into a textile recycling bank. Socks, pants, even old curtains, they can all be re-used. To find out about some of your nearest recycling options, use this recycling locator.

Can you reuse old curtains?

Fabric Bulletin Board

This is the easiest and the prettiest idea to reuse your old curtains. Wrap an unframed cork board with the curtain fabric, cut so it’s an inch or two longer on each side than the board. Use spray adhesive, craft glue, or even upholstery tacks or thumbtacks to secure the fabric on the back.

Can you recover curtains?

New curtains bring a lift to the look of a room, but completely new window treatments can put a heavy strain on your decorating budget. … Reviving tired curtains can be both economical and creative and makes a great project for those wishing to hone beginning sewing and decorating skills.

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