How do you organize fabric and sewing supplies?

How can you make your sewing tools and supplies in good condition?

How to Care for Your Sewing Tools

  1. Protect your sewing machine with a cover to prevent dust buildup.
  2. Use new and high-quality thread (like Guterman) to prevent dust buildup on the interior of the machine.
  3. Dust inside the bobbin case with a tiny brush.
  4. Use your sewing machine manual to clean each part of the machine properly.

How often should you clean and lubricate the sewing machine?

The rule of thumb is to lubricate the machine after every three to four bobbin changes. Or clean and lubricate the hook area after each day of sewing.

Why do you need to be organized with your sewing tools?

Keeping things organized where you sew can help you be more productive and save time when the tool you need is always within easy reach.

What is in a sewing basket?

They usually include a pincushion, a tape measure, perhaps a pair of thread scissors and a packet of straight pins, and two or three needles. However, if one expects to do any repair work or other hand sewing, a fully stocked sewing basket is necessary. Sewing baskets may include patches for fabric repair.

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