How do you transfer designs onto fabric for embroidery?

What is the simplest method of transferring design for embroidery?

Option 4: Transferring patterns with printer ink

Most laser printer ink can be transferred to fabric by heating it. While this is an easy method, I have experienced that the transfer can be a little light. It would be best to test this method out first.

What are the 3 basic methods of transferring embroidery design?


  • Tracing method.
  • Transfer method.
  • Stabillizer method.

How do you transfer a cross stitch pattern to fabric?

How To Use Your Tracing Paper:

  1. Print out or draw your own pattern on drawing paper.
  2. Put the pattern on top of your tracing paper.
  3. Put your pattern and tracing paper (in that order) on top of your fabric, making sure the carbon side is facing down onto your fabric.
  4. Trace over the whole pattern using a pen or tracing stylus.

How do you use iron on transfer paper for embroidery?

Iron-on embroidery transfers are so easy to use. Here’s the short version: simply cut out, place ink side down on your chosen fabric and press with a hot iron (no steam). You will soon discover the joys of embroidery with transfer patterns. Here you can see a quick video of the transfer process.

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