How do you unravel embroidery floss?

Do you pull apart embroidery floss?

Once the thread is cut to a suitable length, gently pull the embroidery floss apart into the number of threads required. … If you try and separate the floss when it is still in the skein you will find that it tangles and knots, which may mean wasting thread and time. Try our method and see how you get on!

How do you fix tangled embroidery?

Fix It

  1. Embroidery floss forms a loop while stitching.
  2. Place the needle through the loop.
  3. PULL the needle away from the project and the loop slips, becoming smaller.
  4. Remove the needle from the loop. …
  5. Place knot between thumbnail and fingertip, squeeze and PULL until …
  6. The loop slips out and the knot is removed.
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