How fancy yarns are produced?

How yarn is made step by step?

Reeling and throwing. Reeling is the process of unwinding raw silk filament from the cocoon directly onto a holder. When several filament strands, either raw silk or synthetic, are combined and twisted together, producing yarn of a specified thickness, the process is called throwing.

Which spinning system is most popular for producing fancy yarn?

Similar to Hollow-spindle system ‘X’ direction filament wrap spinning system is used for fancy and high performance yarns production. This yarns produced by wrapping around a twisted or twistless fibrous core by filament or yarn.

What is yarn production?

Yarn is produced by spinning raw fibers of cotton or other materials to produce long strands suitable for use in the production of textiles, weaving, sewing, crocheting, knitting and embroidery.

How novelty fancy yarn plays an important role in textile and clothing industry?

Novelty yarns give fabrics interesting and decorative surface effects, and the textile designers can create fabric with raised or nubby surface textures as distinguished from the usual flat surface of most textile materials by using novelty yarns, which enhance the beauty of a fabric at low cost, emphasises Nitika Rana …

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