Is Knooking the same as Tunisian crochet?

What are knooking needles?

The Knooking needle looks similar to a crochet hook but with an eye at one end to thread a smooth cord which is then used in place of a needle to hold the stitches. The attached cord used in knooking enables you to create knitted fabric without the worry of dropping stitches.

How is Tunisian crochet different?

In Tunisian crochet, you are only working on one side. With Tunisian crochet, you are working the stitch and collecting the loops onto your hook in the forward pass. At the end of the row, you are not turning your work but working the return pass to complete the row and taking the loops off your hook.

What yarn do you use for Tunisian crochet?

Wool yarn and yarn plain from natural fibers, like cotton and bamboo, work very well for the thicker fabric of Tunisian crochet.

Can you knook with a Tunisian crochet hook?

The main difference is that Tunisian crochet picks up stitches from the previous row with a slip stitch, whereas knooking actually uses the crochet hook to do a knit or purl stitch through the previous row of stitches that are still “live” on the cord.

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