Question: Does a chain space count as a stitch?

What is considered a stitch in crochet?

A crochet stitch is a result of moving a crochet hook through yarn to achieve a specific shape and look in your crochet pattern. Its abbreviation is st for a single stitch and st(s) for more than one stitch.

Does the turning chain count as a stitch in crochet?

The turning chain almost always counts as the first stitch of the next row, except for the single crochet.

Does the first loop count as a chain?

Never count your first slipknot or the loop on the hook (called the working loop). … When you are working your first row of stitches into your crochet chains, pattern will often say ‘double crochet in the second chain from hook’ or something similar, depending on the type of stitch being used.

Is a chain stitch the same as a single crochet stitch?

Depending on which stitch you’re using, your turning chain might be zero chains (slip stitch), one chain (single crochet), or two chains (double crochet). … Double crochet stitches are made just like single crochet stitches, but you wrap the yarn around the hook once before starting each stitch.

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