Question: What are the important things to consider in operating a sewing machine?

What are the things you need to consider in preparing the sewing machine?

Not quite, there are a few preparations you need to do before you can turn your sewing machine on.

  • Cut out your pattern. First of all, measure yourself in order to choose the right size for your sewing project. …
  • Lay out your fabric. …
  • Lay out your pattern. …
  • Cut your fabric.

What is the importance of fabric preparation before cutting?

The answer is very simple. All you need to do is wash your fabric before you cut. This way, you make sure that any possible shrinkage will happen before you get to cut your garment. This saves you from getting a garment that is too tight and that you can’t wear for the second time.

What are the safety practice in sewing?

Some Quick Sewing Safety Tips

Don’t sew across pins. As a pin nears the presser foot, stop the sewing machine long enough to remove the pin. Make sure you’re using the proper needle for the fabric you’re sewing. A needle that isn’t the right size or thickness for the job could end up breaking.

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How important are safety and precautionary measures in doing needlecraft?


  • Keep all needlework during work breaks in the product package;
  • Keep all small parts from the set in special bags with a zip lock;
  • When working do not bite through the thread with your teeth or tear it with your hands;

What is the importance of knowing the hazards and risk when operating a sewing machine?

It is always very important for an Operator to be aware of the hazards associated with sewing machine operations as many of the injuries are caused by error, carelessness or inattentiveness on the part of the Operator.

How do you maintain a sewing machine?

Always keep your sewing machine well oiled. All dust should be removed from the exposed parts at least once every week, and the important parts of the machine should be oiled. Use good quality sewing machine oil. Always remove lint deposits, dust and thread bits before oiling any part of the machine.

How important is prevention in the working area like sewing?

The most obvious injuries are those caused by sharp implements, such as needles and cutting tools. In addition to puncture wounds, sewers are at risk for slicing wounds (from scissors and rotary cutters) and burns (from irons). Taking basic precautions will reduce the risk of injury in the sewing room.