Question: What can I crochet with Caron Simply Soft Yarn?

Is Caron Simply Soft being discontinued?

Yes, Caron Simply Soft Eco has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Is Caron Simply Soft good for blankets?

Love the color of the lavender-blue yarn… Caron Simply Soft is my go-to yarn for general items. Blankets and throws made from it have a heavy drape that makes them especially comforting to the user.

Does Caron Simply Soft yarn pill?

Once washed, Simply Soft begins to get fuzzy, but it has more of the look of a natural fiber halo, instead of pilling and ruining your work.

What is Caron Simply Soft?

Caron Simply Soft yarn is one of the most popular and versatile worsted-weight yarns. Incredibly soft to the touch, it’s perfect for knitting or crocheting a variety of projects, from baby garments and accessories to fashion and home décor. Made in the USA, Caron Simply Soft is supplied in a 170g skein.

Is Caron Simply Soft a worsted weight yarn?

Caron Simply Soft yarn is one of the most popular, versatile worsted weight yarns. Incredibly soft to the touch, this yarn is perfect for a variety of projects from baby to fashion to home décor.

Does Caron Simply Soft Yarn have dye lots?

In knit or crochet, the drape of Simply Soft makes it the right choice for garments and throws alike. A premium yarn that delivers on the details—no dye lot solids plus machine washable and dryable.

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Is Caron Yarn Made in USA?

Caron United is made in the U.S.A., specifically in Washington, North Carolina.