Question: What is the purpose of a provisional cast on in knitting?

Is provisional cast-on necessary?

A Provisional Cast On keeps cast-on stitches “live” so that they can be knit later. It’s a very useful technique when you’re not sure what kind of edging you’ll want or how long to make something. A Provisional Cast On allows you to make these decisions when you can to respond to the actual finished piece.

What is the point of a provisional cast-on?

A provisional cast-on is temporary and can be unravelled to reveal live stitches that can be knitted in the opposite direction. This is very useful for folded trims, hems and when you’re playing yarn chicken and don’t know quite how long to knit something…

How do I cancel my provisional cast on?

In order to remove a provisional cast on, you can simply un-do the last chain stitch and pull on the tail, unraveling the provisional cast on until your live stitches are exposed.

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