Question: What kind of plywood do you use for a barn quilt?

How thick should the plywood be for a Barn Quilt?

Supplies for DIY Barn Quilt:

4 pieces of 2′ by 2′ plywood squares (the link is what I used. Multiple kinds of woods would work, as well.) Exterior Paint (this is great for using up those leftover spray paints and opened exterior paints.

What do you seal a barn quilt with?

All my Barn Quilts are finally sealed with a water-based Protective Sealer. This is the final step to making your American Garden Barn Quilt weather resistant. I don’t use any type of polyurethane as this can discolor your barn quilt over time.

Should I seal my barn quilt?

Do not put a sealer or varnish on the barn quilt. Varnish will turn the colors yellow, and a sealer of any kind will prevent retouching, which you may want to do at some point. Mounting: Mounting the barn quilt is not included in this guideline.

How much do barn quilts cost?

3. What does it cost to have a barn quilt? The average cost is $350 which is for an 8′ X 8′ block. Depending on the size of the barn and distance from a public road, the block may be smaller or larger.

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