Should I use a walking foot to sew on quilt binding?

Do you use walking foot to attach binding?

Binding is a big deal with quilting, and you always want to end your projects on a good note. Because binding is the final step you need, a walking foot that punches through the many layers of fabric and the binding layer is key.

When should you not use a walking foot?

So when is a walking foot “Optional”? If you’re working with two layers of a fairly stable woven fabric, there is very little need for a walking foot. The pressure of your feed dogs against a standard foot provides all the friction necessary for the fabric layers to move through smoothly.

What foot do you use for machine binding?

Take your quilt and binding over to your machine. I like to sew my binding onto the front of my quilt first, but know that you can switch this up, depending on what look you’re going for. I like to use my 1/4″ presser foot for this step. It doesn’t matter what thread color you use, but I always just use white.

Do you need a quilting foot to quilt?

A walking foot is needed because…

Think about it. Your pieced quilt top is full of seams. … The feed dogs work together, as one, grabbing and pulling the layers of your quilt through the machine. Without a walking foot, the standard presser foot would be pushing your quilt’s top layer towards you because of the bulk.

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