Should you put cross stitch behind glass?

Should you frame embroidery behind glass?

If you use dimensional stitches, beads or other embellishments, a little extra space will be needed to keep the glass away from those, too. … We know that the rules generally require that they be framed without glass so that the judges can scrutinize your work very closely.

How do you protect cross stitch?

Protect your fabric edges

If you want, you can protect your fabric edges with a zigzag stitch or a small amount of Fray Check. You can also use painters tape to seal the edges of your fabric. This will help prevent your edges from getting banged up and fraying while you work on your project.

Do you put glass over needlepoint?

Some people swear you should never put glass on your needlepoint. … It’s needed in order to keep the needlepoint flat inside the frame or other display. The trick is getting the needlepoint to lay flat against this stiffener. While there are many ways to do this, three of the most common are gluing, pinning, and lacing.

What do I put on the back of embroidery?

Under the embroidery, you’ll find a piece of white material (or black). That’s backing. Backing is a sheet of material that is hooped and embroidered along with the fabric you’re embroidering. This material acts as a stabilizer, supporting the fabric and stitches during the embroidery process.

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