What does breaking stitching mean?

Why is my stitching coming undone?

The machine is not correctly threaded

If the machine is threaded wrong, not only does it make the thread breaks easier, but is also more likely to create loose stitches. Check the threading to see if the thread has passed through the entire thread guides, the take-up lever and the eye of the needle.

What is a seam break?

Broken Seam – occurs when the stitches break and the seam splits apart or bursts. *usually due to wrong size thread, wrong stitch type, wrong seam type, unbalanced stitch tension, long stitch length, or incorrect needle.

What is edge stitching?

Edgestitching is traditionally sewn between 1/8″ and 3/8″ away from an edge at a regular stitch length. This narrow stitching is used on waistbands, necklines, binding, and anywhere a garment needs subtle stitching.

What does it mean to finish seam allowance?

In garment construction when you sew two pieces of fabric together the seam allowance is left on the inside of your garment (along with the raw edges of the fabric). Adding a finish to these seams will keep the fabric from fraying, give the seam a clean finished look, and add strength to the seam.

What is French seam?

a seam in which the raw edges of the cloth are completely covered by sewing them together, first on the right side, then on the wrong.

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