What does contrast mean on a sewing pattern?

What is contrast in a pattern?

Contrast patterns are those that are significantly different among different classes, times, locations or/and other dimensions of interest.

What does contrast trim mean?

In it’s simplest form, this paint technique uses a darker paint color on the trim/molding than the wall paint color. … From there, the trend can be modified with the use of very subtle or bold paint selections, and further with the paint finish.

What does show a contrast mean?

The verb contrast means to show a difference, like photos that reveal how much weight someone lost by contrasting the “before” and “after” shots. You probably know contrast in its relation to compare.

Does a pattern tell you how much fabric you need?

Patterns will include how much yardage you need, often in 45″ and 60″ bolt measurements. If you’re working with a print such as stripes or a fabric with nap, you’ll want to get a bit of extra fabric to match your pieces.

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