What does omitting mean in crochet?

What does it mean omitting?

transitive verb. 1 : to leave out or leave unmentioned omits one important detail You can omit the salt from the recipe. 2 : to leave undone : fail —The patient omitted taking his medication.

What does a dash mean in a crochet pattern?

Dash and numbers at the end of a row

Particularly when increasing or decreasing, you may see a dash and then some numbers following row instructions. … It’s telling you the number of stitches (and in the crochet example, the type of stitch as well) that you will have after completing the row.

Who is Yarnie?

A true lover of all things yarn – a connoisseur – who will passionately discuss yarn stashes, weight, fibre content, ply, etc. Generally the proud owner of a SABLE that they hide store in lots of places.

What does omitting in baking?

When you omit an ingredient you need for your brownie recipe from the grocery list, you’ve accidentally left off an important item.

What does omit mean in knitting?

Omit just means to leave out the stitches in the pattern rows. You’ve already bound them off on the needles.

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What does ending with a RS row mean?

End with RS row’ means you’ve just finished knitting it.

What does ending with RS facing mean in knitting?

If your pattern tells you to end on a RS row, your final row would start with the tail on the right-hand side. Wrong-side = tail on the left. Here is an example of a wrong-side row. This time, the tail of your work will fall on the left-hand side of your work.

What does Patt mean in crochet?

Also on this page:

Abbreviation Description
pat or patt pattern
pc popcorn stitch
pm place marker
prev previous

What does SBN mean in crochet?

Crochet Translation Project

US Term Russian Term
right side (RS) правая сторона – ПС
single crochet столбик без накида (СБН or ст. б/н)
skip пропуск
slip stitch полустолбик без накида (СС)

What is crochet Tinking?

Tink is knit spelled backwards, and it refers to undoing one stitch at a time. This is a safe way to undo your knitting because if you do it correctly, you won’t drop a stitch. … That way, if you make a mistake and have to rip back, you only have to rip back to the lifeline and all your stitches are caught for you.

What are people who knit and crochet called?

Or, someone who calls themselves a yarnie may crochet, knit, and overall just LOVE yarn.