What does work in continuous rounds mean in crochet?

What does do not join work in continuous rounds mean in crochet?

If you struggle with identifying your stitches and which loops belong to which post, you might find it useful to look at this Stitch Anatomy Tutorial. For this tutorial, I have started with a 15-ch foundation chain, illustrating the steps by making a small tube in single crochet.

What does it mean to work in rounds?

chiefly British. : to organize things or proceed in a way that avoids (something, such as a problem) We’ll just have to find a way to work round the problem.

What does joining mean in crochet?

The solution is to crochet in joined rounds. That means, at the start of each round, you chain one, and then slip stitch into that chain at the end of the round. Update – If you want to keep crocheting in a spiral but minimize that pesky jog in your stripes, there’s a video here showing a different technique.

What does work even in stockinette stitch mean?

When the phrase “Work even” appears after a series of increases or decreases, it means to stop increasing or decreasing for shaping and simply work in your pattern stitch (in the case of Cameron, that’s stockinette stitch with the stripe sequence) until the piece measures the specified length.

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Do you not join rounds in crochet?

Usually it means that instead of an slst and chaining, you just continue with your pattern in a spiral. It’s SUPER helpful to use chain markers in this situation! Just keep working in a spiral. When you finish a round, don’t slip stitch your last stitch to the first one.