What is a sewing machine ruler foot?

What’s a ruler foot?

Yep, a ruler foot is just a type of darning foot so that makes this another form of free motion quilting. That means you can quilt with rulers a bit, set your ruler aside and wiggle around with Stippling, then pick up your ruler again and get back to quilting straight lines, which is exactly what I did in the video.

What is ruler work in sewing?

Quilting Ruler Work is the use of specialized quilting rulers with free motion quilting to create accurate repeatable designs. Quilting Ruler Work can be done on a longarm or domestic sewing machine. Quilting Rulers are meant to be held against a specialized presser foot as a guide for quilting.

How thick is a quilting ruler?

The Slice Ruler is available in two thicknesses: 1/8-inch for home machines and 1/4-inch for longarms.

How does a quilting ruler work?

Ruler quilting is essentially free motion quilting using a foot with a raised edge that runs alongside the edge of a template. The foot does not engage with the feed dogs and your hands become your stitch regulator. In other words, if you don’t move your hands all that is created is a pile of stitches in one place.

How thick are Westalee rulers?

Please note that while the low and medium shank ruler foot from Westalee comes with 3mm thick templates, many of our Westalee rulers and templates are only stocked in 4.5 mm thickness. Thicker rulers are easier to grip and keep in the proper place.

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