What is Flatlock sewing?

What does flatlock mean?

of a seam. : made by bringing two raw edges together and covering them with machine stitching.

What is a flatlock hem?

Flatlock Hem

This is a really stretchy decorative hem. Fold the hem along the finished hem line. Pin at right angles to the edge, with the points just on the edge of the fabric. … With the right side of the fabric on top stitch along the fold without trimming the fabric.

What is interlock stitch?

Basically, the interlock stitch employs many of the same steps as used in creating a buttonhole stitch. The difference is that interlock stitches double back on themselves at each row of the stitch pattern. To begin the loop back, begin by anchoring the thread on the underside of the garment.

Can you flatlock woven fabric?

Just as in normal flatlocking, fabrics that work best are knits, sweatshirting or polar fleece. … Woven fabrics can be “fake” flatlocked successfully if you shorten the stitch length so your serging is denser. Try using a decorative thread in the upper looper for a well-filled stitch.

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