What is s1p in knitting?

What does it mean to slip a stitch Purlwise?

To slip a stitch purlwise, you insert your needle into the next stitch as if to purl, and just slide it from your left needle to your right needle. … On the one that’s been slipped purlwise, the right-hand leg of the stitch is in the front of the needle and the left-hand leg is in the back.

What does Sl1P mean?


sl slip
sl1p slip 1 purlwise
slk slip 1 knitwise
sl1k slip 1 knitwise
wyif with yarn in front

What is SLP in knitting?

Slipping Purl-wise (slp):

Slipping a stitch purl-wise means that you’re slipping the stitch from your left hand (LH) needle to your right hand (RH) needle by inserting your needle into the stitch as if to purl and slipping it onto your RH needle from your LH needle.

Do you always slip Purlwise?

To slip a stitch, insert the RH needle purlwise (as if you were going to purl) into the first stitch on the LH needle and slip it off the LH needle onto the RH needle. Unless your instructions specifically tell you to slip a stitch knitwise, always slip a stitch as if you were going to purl it.

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