What is the best quilting ruler to use?

What is the best size quilting ruler to use?

Ideally, you should buy one that is the same size as the blocks in your project. So if your project is making 9″ finished blocks, you should get an 9.5″ Square-up ruler. If you don’t know what size your project calls for, a 9.5″ square ruler is a good one to start off with.

How do I choose a quilt ruler?

To check your blocks and trim away any excess, square rulers are best. If you make quilts with large blocks, invest first in a 12.5 or 15.5″ square ruler. You can use a large ruler to square up and trim your smaller blocks, but some quilters like to keep an 8.5″ or 6.5″ square ruler on hand as well.

What is the longest quilting ruler?

This 12-1/2 x 24-1/2-inch rectangle ruler is a whopper – it’s the largest rectangle on the market. We call this one THE BIG EASY. This ruler is the perfect choice for home dec projects, trimming quilts, marking cross-hatching, and cutting borders.

How thick are Westalee rulers?

Please note that while the low and medium shank ruler foot from Westalee comes with 3mm thick templates, many of our Westalee rulers and templates are only stocked in 4.5 mm thickness. Thicker rulers are easier to grip and keep in the proper place.

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How thick are quilting rulers?

Rules for rulers are simple: High shank rulers (1/4″ thick) for high shank and long arm machines. Low shank rulers (1/8″ thick) for low shank machines even though you can use thicker long arm rulers in certain positions ( to the front and the sides of the the foot ).

Can you use a free motion foot with a ruler?

Awesome foot!), you can do ruler work on a standard free motion foot. But, it’s tricky. I slapped one onto my machine to verify this. These feet hop up and down so the foot doesn’t move as smoothly down the ruler.

Can you cut on acrylic ruler?

Acrylic rulers are used for rotary cutting. They come in many sizes and shapes. Probably the most popular size for beginners is the 6 inches x 12 inches ( or 6 1/2 x 12 1/2). … The 6 inch by 12 inch acrylic ruler (top left) is used for cutting both.

What is use of quilting rulers?

A Ruler with easy to see markings makes accurate cutting possible. Quilting Rulers are often specialized for trimming blocks or cutting specific shapes.

What rulers are needed for sewing?

Ideally you can buy a 18″ x 2″ clear plastic ruler; You also need a small plastic ruler for small measurements. I have a 24 inch plastic ruler. Transparent rulers are great as you can see where you are putting the ruler on.