What kind of yarn should I use for coasters?

Which yarn is best for crochet coasters?

A crochet coaster can be made in most types of yarn, however, I have found cotton yarn or a cotton blend to be the best yarn for coasters. Cotton is absorbent enough to catch any small spills or condensation from cold drinks. I usually like to make sure that the cotton I am using is machine washable and dryable too.

Can you make a coaster out of acrylic yarn?

It’s very important that you use COTTON for coasters as using an acrylic yarn will get soggy and mushy when wet.

Should crochet coasters be cotton?

I highly recommend using cotton yarn for this pattern – Re-Up is a wonderful option due to the color choice and the price point ($1.99 per skein, 2 skeins make 4 crochet coasters!) but other cotton yarns would work too.

How much yarn do I need for coasters?

To create a sturdy and thick coaster, I used 2 strands of cotton aran yarn held together. You can use 2 strands of the same colour or mix it up for two tone/marled crochet coasters.

What is coaster yarn?

Soft and cosy Coaster Yarn that is 70% Wool, 30% Alpaca for extra warmth. Ideal for all your knitting and crochet projects that require a chunkier yarn. Thickness: similar to 10ply. Needles: 5.50mm.

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