Where are Paintbox yarns from?

Are Paintbox yarns good quality?

On their web page is written that the Paintbox yarn is a durable, practical, and great value yarn that is available in high-quality acrylic and affordable cotton fibers.

Is Paintbox cotton yarn organic?

While it is biodegradable, that’s the only ‘green’ thing about it. Choosing a 100% recycled cotton or organic cotton instead is the eco-friendly choice.

Who owns Lovecraft yarn?

LoveCrafts founders Nigel Whiteoak, Cherry Freeman, and Edward Griffith.

Does LoveCrafts ship to the US?

Will LoveCrafts still ship my package? Absolutely, LoveCrafts is continuing to serve our makers in the US and globally. We’re following the guidelines of the cities and states where we operate, and we’re working hard to get your crafting supplies to you effectively, whilst keeping everyone safe.

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