Where can I buy silk yarn Persona 5 Royal?

Where can I farm silk yarn?

The best locations to farm Silkweed & Silk Threads in New World

  • Mourningdale and Restless Shore.
  • Southern Weaver’s Fen.
  • Throughout Eastern Brightwood.
  • The easy option in Monarch’s Bluffs.

Where can I buy liquid mercury Persona 5 Royal?

Royal owners will have to go to the Path of Sheriruth in Mementos and fight Ganesha and Garuda shadows to farm Liquid Mercury. Just like in the regular edition, exploring during bad weather increases the drop rate of rare items.

How do you get liquid mercury persona?

For Liquid Mercury, kill Anubis in Futaba’s Palace and Decarabia in Okumura’s Palace. Remember that if you hold enemies up, you can ask them for items. Keep in mind that many old enemies will appear in Mementos after you compete their palaces.

How do you get liquid mercury in a p5r?

The two best places to grind and farm for Liquid Mercury is either Futaba’s Palace by reaching the Corridor Middle save room, then proceed to the next area. Or you can also go to floors 10 and 11 of the Akzeriyyuth section in Mementos.

Can I buy liquid mercury Persona 5?

The first place you need to go to for Liquid Mercury in Persona 5 is Futaba’s Palace. Here, you must reach the Corridor Middle save room, and then the next area. This is where you will come across plenty of personas and upon defeating them, they will drop Liquid Mercury.

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How do I get Decarabia in Persona 5 Royal?

Decarabia can be found in the Infernal Tokyo version of Camp Ichigaya. It can teach Flynn the Sukukaja, Megido and Tetrakarn skills through its Demon Whisper. Kaiwan can evolve into Decarabia upon reaching level 44.

Can you buy materials Persona 5?

Materials are important ingredients used to craft infiltration tools. You can obtain them by looting shadows in palaces and mementos. Some materials are easier to obtain than others. You can also visit shops to purchase some of the more common drops in limited quantities.

How many colors does it take to paint p5?

Persona 5: How to answer the “How many colors?” question

The answer is “four colors.” Make sure to study hard. If you’re looking for more guides, check out our guide for confidants and our guide to beating the first major boss.

Can you sell materials in Persona 5?

While playing through the main story you will be introduced to Untouchable, a store that sells modern weapons and equipment etc. You can sell your items at this Untouchable Airsoft Shop, which is located in Shibuya Station, on Shibuya Central Street.