Where can I train tailoring past 225?


Where can I learn tailoring 150 225?

Comprehensive List of Crafted Tailoring Armor

Item Skill Required Reagents
Heavy Woolen Cloak 100 125 142 160 Heavy Woolen Cloak
Azure Silk Cloak 175 195 210 225 Azure Silk Cloak
Crimson Silk Cloak 180 200 215 230 Crimson Silk Cloak
Long Silken Cloak 185 205 220 235 Long Silken Cloak

Where can I learn 300 tailoring TBC?

Outlands Tailoring Trainers (300-375)

  • Hama , Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula (/way 54.6 63.6)
  • Dalinna , Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula (/way 56.6 37.2)

Where can I get mooncloth?

For those wanting to learn how to make Mooncloth, you can go buy the pattern from Qia a female goblin in Winterspring for 2 gold, so don’t buy it on the AH those that sell it on the AH price it up to one or two thousand gold to those who can’t find it or get it due to the lack of the quest not being found for it now.

Where do you learn imbued netherweave?

This item can be purchased in The Exodar (4), Shattrath City (2), and Silvermoon City .

Do you need Tailoring to wear Spellstrike?

Spellstrike: Cost: Around 500g for the spellcloth, another 500g for the Might, from 75-125g for the Nether (unless you craft it yourself). “350 Tailoring”: it dosn’t say so on the item, but under the Set name, this means you need 350 Tailoring to activate the Set bonus, but EVERYONE can use the item.

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What is Max profession in TBC?

Profession Ranks

Profession Rank Skill Level Required/th> Skill Level Cap
Journeyman 50 150
Expert 125 225
Artisan 200 300
Master 275 375