Where is wave stitch used?

What is Wave stitch?

The wave stitch is a composite stitch that is made along two horizontal (guide) lines. First a series of short vertical stitches is made along the top line. Then a thread is woven through these stitches and stitched into the ground material, along the bottom line and in the middle between two of these stitches.

What is Wave stitch on sewing machine?

Exclusive Wave Stitch

Simply change the dial from ‘OVERLOCK’ to ‘WAVE’ and thread the machine with decorative threads to create a beautiful decorative stitch. It can be sewn as a 3-thread wave and reverse wave stitch or a rolled hem, and is a distinctive edging stitch.

What is stitch used for?

In the textile arts, a stitch is a single turn or loop of thread, or yarn. Stitches are the fundamental elements of sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet, and needle lace-making, whether by hand or machine. A variety of stitches, each with one or more names, are used for specific purposes.

Where can a back stitch be used?

In embroidery, these stitches form lines and are most often used to outline shapes and to add fine detail to an embroidered picture. It is also used to embroider lettering. In hand sewing, it is a utility stitch which strongly and permanently attaches two pieces of fabric.

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Which Babylock Sergers have the wave stitch?

The Wave Stitch is a fun, decorative stitch featured on the Baby Lock Enlighten, Evolution, and Ovation sergers. Learn how to thread the Enlighten to create this unique look.

What type of stitch is used for t shirts?

Straight Stitch Hem

Set machine for a straight-stitch, 10-12 stitches per inch (2.5mm setting). Stitch on right side of T-shirt 1/4″ from hem allowance edge, stretching fabric slightly as you sew. Add a second row of stitching, again stretching while sewing, 1/8″ to 1/4″ from first row.

What is looped stitch?

: a needlework stitch (as chainstitch or lazy daisy stitch) having one or more loops as part of the design and method of working.

What are the three types of fabric used in embroidery?

The 3 Main Fabric Categories Used In Machine Embroidery

  • Nonwoven fabrics, such as felt.
  • Woven fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, and polyester.
  • Knitted fabrics, such as yarn and French terry cloth.