Why did the author write a quilt of a country?

What is the main idea of the quilt of a Country?

What is the claim of a quilt of a country? America is often described as a melting pot because people from many different cultures live there. ”A Quilt of a Country” argues that no other country in the world is as diverse as America.

What is Quindlen’s purpose?

About Quindlen’s Purpose

She wants people to look at homeless people as individuals.

What is Quindlen’s main argument claim in this text?

She claims that America have many people which are from different countries and different backgrounds, it can cause many kinds of problems but instead of causing problems it serves in making America strong and great Country.

Is quilt of a Country persuasive?

“A Quilt of a Country” is an essay written by American writer Anna Quindlen for Newsweek in the immediately aftermath of the September 11th attacks. The piece is unconventional in style and form; it is part autobiographical, part persuasive, and part expository history.

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What is the thesis statement of a quilt of a Country?

Paraphrase this thesis statement: The author is claiming that America is made up of many, very diverse parts, but all these parts are united under their identities as Americans. Interpret the author’s choices that contribute to the persuasiveness of the text.

Why did she Title her argument a quilt of a country?

The story ‘A Quilt of a Country’ is a commentary that is written by Anna Quindlen. This was written by her after the terror attack on America. She compared the broken pieces of America as a metaphor. She quoted that America is a special country from many other countries.

What does it mean to be American a quilt of a country?

The theme of a Quilt if a Country is that we need to work together with others for the good of the country. When America works week together, it is a wonder. It stands for something special in the world because it has managed to stay together as a whole rather than splitting up because of cultural differences.

What is the overall message that Quindlen conveys about America?

What is the overall message that Quindlen conveys about America? Quindlen draws a connection between the good and the bad in this world. She reminds us that, while we must endure tragedies in this world, these horrific events also serve to remind us of what we have to appreciate.

What is Quindlen’s thesis her overall purpose in writing this piece?

What is the thesis of Homeless? Quindlen makes the argument that home is where the heart is and everyone should appreciate the little things in life.

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What is the main message the writer is trying to communicate in a quilt of a country?

What main message is the writer trying to communicate in “A Quilt of a Country”? The United States is very different from other countries. People in the United States value the idea that all people are created equal. It is amazing that a country made up of such diverse people can be united as one nation.

What is Anna Quindlen claim in a quilt of a country quizlet?

Conflicting or not harmonious. Consisting of many ethnic and cultural groups. What is Anna Quindlen’s claim in “A quilt of s country” Summarizes her claim in your own words. Anna Quindlen’s claims we are all different but we are always united as a country.