Why do we need the fashioning process in knitting?

What is the knitting process?

Knitting is a process of using long needles to interlink or knot a series of loops made by one continuous thread. Each loop or knot connects to another one, and when enough loops have been made, the result is a flat piece of material called a textile.

What is full fashioning?

Full Fashioning. Method of shaping knitted fabric during the knitting process. Popular in sweater manufacturing, where shape and contour of the should and bust actually can be knitted to body contour shape. Sleeves are later sewn in as part of a separate operation to complete the sweater.

Can you cut and sew knitwear?

Cutting your fabric after you steek: After you sew or crochet the steek in place, it’s safe to cut your knitted fabric between the two lines of stitching. (Use sharp scissors for the cleanest cut.)

What is integral garment?

Integral garments is a next-generation form of fully-fashioned garments that adds the capability of making a 3-dimensional full garment. Different parts of integral garments have been knitted and knit-assembled by the knitting machine.

What process is used to shape knit fabrics?

The float stitch is used when yarns of different colors knit in to create the design. Purl or Reverse: Forms a fabric that locks on both sides like a technical back of a basic knit fabric.

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