Why does my sewing machine not pick up the bobbin thread?

Why is my Janome Sewing Machine not picking up the bobbin thread?

Make sure you are using a brand new needle. Bent/damaged/dull needles frequently will fail to pick up the thread. If it continues to skip stitches, it most likely has a needle/hook timing issue–the needle arrives at the bobbin at the wrong time to intercept the bobbin thread.

Why is my bottom thread bunching up?

A: Looping on the underside, or back of the fabric, means the top tension is too loose compared to the bobbin tension, so the bobbin thread is pulling too much top thread underneath. By tightening the top tension, the loops will stop, but the added tension may cause breakage, especially with sensitive threads.

How do you reset a bobbin?

1. To reset the bobbin thread

  1. Press (Presser foot/Needle exchange key) on the operation panel. …
  2. Remove the embroidery frame under the presser foot while raising the presser foot lever even further. …
  3. Cut the thread that is not sewn. …
  4. Remove the bobbin once from the bobbin case, and then, reset the bobbin thread correctly.

Why is my bobbin jumping?

The bobbin was installed in the bobbin case wrong. Remove the bobbin from the bobbin case and reinstall the bobbin according to the instruction manual. … The thread was not wound properly on the bobbin. Wind the bobbin thread properly.

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