You asked: What can I make with plastic yarn?

Can you knit with Plarn?

PLARN is “yarn” made from plastic bags. It’s yarn in the sense that it can be made into a continuous piece of usable thread which can be knitted or crocheted into a piece of fabric. Plarn has a strength and durability which is useful when turned into items like reusable shopping bags.

How do you crochet or knit plastic bags?


  1. Trim the bottom seam from the plastic bag.
  2. Unfold as much of the bag as possible. …
  3. Fold the bag not quite in half width wise (with the fold perpendicular to the seam you cut off). …
  4. Cut off the handles.
  5. About every inch or 2. …
  6. Grab the unfolded part of the bag, and shake gently.
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