You asked: What is the purpose of waste yarn?

What is waste yarn in machine knitting?

You may also see the term, waste knitting. They all mean the same thing. This is yarn of a similar weight to your main yarn, in a contrasting color. It is used at the beginning and/or end of your knitting, when you need live stitches. It is not part of the finished garment, and is removed after the finishing steps.

How do you end a knitting tube?

To finish: Cut end of yarn connected to ball, leaving at least 6 in., then thread and knot to plastic needle. Pull needle up through loop on the stick you last stitched, lifting until loop is removed from stick and knitter. Work to the left and repeat until all loops are lifted off the sticks.

What does it mean to cast on with waste yarn?

This method of casting on uses a length of waste yarn that is removed later to reveal “live” stitches, which are then placed back on the needle and knit in the opposite direction. … For this cast on you only need to leave a short tail — you’ll be working with the yarn coming from the skein.

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