You asked: Which Addi knitting machine should I buy?

Is an addi knitting machine worth it?

Overall, this purchase was a great value. I used up 60+ skeins of wool in two weeks, which I never would have done by knitting or crocheting by hand. If you are wanting to knit hats or tube scarves for charity, super fast, an Addi Express is a very smart purchase.

Can you make socks with Addi knitting machine?

All is done with the machine, you don´t need to make the toe or heel with your hands and knit… …

What size knitting machine do you need for adult hats?

If you want to make baby-sized hats, you go for the 20-needle machine, but if you want a hat that’ll fit an adult, you’ll need the 40- or 48-needle machine—the needles indicate the number of stitches that go into creating the diameter of the hat.

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