Your question: Can you use crimp beads on FireLine?

Can you use crimp beads on thread?

Can crimp beads be used with thread? The metal edges of a crimp bead can cut or fray thread when crimping so it is not recommended to use crimps when designing with thread. Instead, use knots with bead tips or French wire for a professional finish to your designs.

How do you join the FireLine thread?

So, the technique is to tie a Square Knot with your two ends of thread. Then, use a lighter to melt the ends of thread, creating a little ‘blob’. Pull the knot. Being Fireline, it won’t tighten on itself, but will pull through, bringing your two blobs together.

What is the difference between Wildfire and Fireline?

Both threads are thin but incredibly strong, they are fray and stretch resistant, waterproof, easy to thread through a needle, and while Wildfire is available in more colors, Fireline is available in more thicknesses. If you are in the market for a strong beading thread, give Wildfire or Fireline a try!

What is Fireline used for in Jewellery making?

FireLine is a pre-waxed braided bead cord consisting of gel-spun polyetholine – which is known as the strongest fiber per diameter ever created. It has an unbelievably high tensile strength and has been recommended in numerous how-to articles on beadworking and bead weaving. It will fit English beading needle size 12.

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How do you secure a FireLine?

Tie an overhand knot around the thread between beads and pass through several more beads; repeat to secure the thread. Trim the working and tail threads close to the beads using a thread burner. To add extra security, add a dab of G-S Hypo cement adhesive directly to each knot.