Your question: How do you sew a belt loop?

Why do belt loops break?

Generally this is not due to the stitching coming out, as many tears are. On belt loops, what usually happens is that the fabric of the pants fails at the point where the loop is attached, and rips a hole. This is, however, mendable with very little effort, in ten minutes or so.

How wide are belt loops on jeans?

Belt Loop. Belt loops are thin strips of denim on jeans that provide a place to anchor a belt. These strips are typically about 2 inches long and extend down from the waistband.

Can a tailor add belt loops to pants?

To add new belt loops to a pair of trousers, your tailor will need material to work with, but it’s completely doable. If you’re adding belt loops to replace old ones that have worn, you may want to consider suspender buttons, because it will be less costly.

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